Heart Sound is a music entertainment company and DJ duo, founded by Ricardo Carlos and Adrian Silva in 2011. Their mutual passion for spreading good vibes through good music began almost 15 years ago and continues to this day. Heart Sound is one of the few DJ companies that are not afraid to challenge the status quo in the event industry, through the music they play and how they play it. Never leaving home without their signature turntables, live mixing, and scratching, the Heart Sound Boys are known for playing an eclectic music mix, spanning a multitude of genres and generations. Don't be surprised to hear them effortlessly blend Gorillaz, Fleetwood Mac and Kendrick Lamar in an exhilarating display of turntable mastery at any wedding, bar mitzvah or backyard boogie. Who says DJs can’t be sleek, chic and minimal? For Heart Sound, style is key, in both what they play and how they look.

Celebrate your next wedding or special event with Heart Sound. What you’ll get; a memorable, soulful and authentic DJ experience. What you won’t get, the Chicken Dance.


If you have general questions or would like to inquire about one of our custom DJ/lighting packages for your wedding or special event, please drop us a line below! 

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Phone: (657) 464-3368 • EMAIL:

address: 175 N Indian Hill Blvd #203, Claremont, CA 91711


Music Lounge

Welcome to the Music Lounge! Music truly powers us - it's what makes us who we are as DJs. It's the one thing that we WANT you to evaluate us on. Whether it's choosing the right vibe, showcasing our technical skill or having  the chance to share our favorite songs from every era, we live for the love of music and we hope that you catch that feeling too, in the Music Lounge. 

Rather than present a set of mixes to you as a rigid, and strictly categorized, collection of music, our mixes tend to blend genres and contain songs chosen because of the feeling that they invoke, not because they belong to one genre. 

Music is far more universal. Crank up the volume and enjoy the tunes!  

PUNCH! Vol.2

Heart Sound Ent. is serving up a little "tropical" PUNCH! with our second entry into our newest video mix series. High on top of the The Fifth lounge in beautiful Anaheim, California, watch us as we spin an eclectic variety of beats from around the world, amidst a beautiful sunset Disney backdrop. PUNCH! mixes take your ears on a musical journey, and for this edition of PUNCH!, we're going on a little physical journey as well. Sit back, relax, grab a margarita and enjoy the tunes! 





PUNCH! Vol. 1

Take a peek behind the DJ booth...

PUNCH! is the newest video mix series from us at Heart Sound Ent. Our approach was simple - We want to show you exactly what we're doing behind the DJ both, so we set up cameras, had a couple of drinks, and played some of our current favorite tunes to see what we could create. The result? 30 minutes of unscripted and unrehearsed hip hop, house, and world music, blended live into one mix, kinda like that tasty spiked punch at your cousin's party. We combined these eclectic musical flavors to create one delicious half hour of libation for your ears. 

Remember, any DJ can create a highly polished and finely edited two minute promotional video. Heart Sound decided, that's kind of boring so we put our mixing skills on full display with nothing to hide.